Glow is a short film animation about a young boy who has rediscovered his inner light, thanks to the compassion from a little girl that showed him that the spark of those who have left us, remain alive within us, trough their traditions and love.
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Full strategy & branding for Canadian DJ and producer, Khanvict. The project full scope included a strategy developed for online retail, social media and brand onsite awareness.
Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Illustration
Never's Road
Art direction design and illustration for New York rapper Witt Lowry's upcoming album.
Illustration, Art Direction
Power Rangers
Editorial Illustration for a featured article about Saban's original Power Rangers TV show.
Editorial Illustration for Magazine Entertainment Weekly
Special edition can design for PABST beer. This Blue Ribbon's campaign, was a celebration of the creative diversity & talent across the west coast of Canada.
Illustration, Packaging, Print Design
Toyota Camry
Art & Illustration for a promotional on-site Toyota Camry activation.
Advertising, Pop up, Illustration
Full design strategy & Art Direction for Unbounce's marketing conference Call to Action 2018 (CTA18)
Art Direction, Illustration and Design
FRENZ! is a concept for a 2 day punk festival branding project. All design and illustration was specifically tailored to merge the past and the current punk scene.
Branding, Art Direction, Illustration,
Lost Illustrations
The following are illustrations were done as part of exhibitions, lost pitches and random ideas that never made it into the development stage.
Invisible Inc.
Art direction, concept & Design for the SF based hip hop group Invisible Inc's album and promotional materials.
Illustration, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Illustration for the L.A based EDM duo "Boombox Cartel". "Cartel" is a special edition vynil to celebrate their first release in years from record label MAD DECENT.
Illustration, Art Direction, Digital Art
Boombox Cartel
Full rebranding for L.A. / Mexico Based duo Boombox Cartel. the project entailed from logo design to promotional materials and live shows visuals.
Art Direction, Illustration, Advertising
Destroy Yourself
Art Direction, motion graphics and design for Unbounce's promotional campaign.
Art Direction, Advertising, Branding
Unchained / 脫離鉫鎖
Creative & Art Direction, illustration & design for special Chinese New year celebration event held by Vancouver's legacy brand VanCity Original.
Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design
Video bumpers visual pitch for YouTube's Team Epihany. These never saw the light but I always liked they way they turned out.
Unbounce Editorial
Visual exploration I did for Unbounce's Illustration editorial style. This was the first attempt to re imagine Unbounce's color palette.
Young Turks
Character design exploration inspired by young subcultures scenes mainly from the UK during the late 60's and early 70's.
Illustration, Character Design, Cartooning
Brand strategy, concept / art direction & design for influencers' hip hop network: Opposition A brand that brings Hip Hop artists of all sizes to the forefront.
Illustration, Art Direction, Branding
Story concept, artwork and design for a personal project from 2013, "KAI"
Illustration, Animation, Art Direction
Fusion TV
Art direction and design for a series of animations produced by Fusion TV about Einstein's theory of relativity anniversary
Art direction, Animation
Key visuals for Controle Dois, the biggest gamin Youtubers in brazil united to create the most powerful network in south america
Animation, Art Direction
Key visuals, animation and website for TGN, one of the largest gaming communities in Youtube
Illustration, Branding, Interactive
Izmeni Soznanie
Artwork for IZMENI SOZNANIE. In Collaboration with Deluxe Interactive in Moscow Russia.
Illustration, Digital Art
Adobe Max 2016
I was invited to create an illustration Inspired by the Adobe Max 2016 Branding visuals for social media
Illustration, Social Media
Short Loops for Locomocion's animation festival
Variety Issue no.3
Illustration for Variety's Magazine cover Issue No.3 2017
Illustration, Digital Art, Editorial Design
Album cover for Skinny Kids, a Psychedelic garage rock band based in Vancouver BC
Art Direction, Illustration, Music
Kill the Noise - Occult Classic
Album cover for Occult Classic by Kill the noise
Art Direction, Illustration, Music
Nike Predator
Concept Illustrations for Nike Predator shoes campaign
Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration
Salon Horror Stories
Art direction, illustration & design for VEET'S halloween digital campaign.
Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Technologic Man
Set of Illustrations for ACCENT magazine about breaking through pieces of technology in 2015
Digital Art, Illustration
The Closer
Direction, art and design for the west coast Canadian artist Mike Edel
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Tyrant / Puro Machin
Project for PICNIC magazine´s branch "Ilustracional´s Puro Machin " 30 designers / Illustrators / street artists from Mexico.
Illustration, Print Design
A Rather Lovely Thing
A little story about love & adventure.
Animation, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics
An old music video for the song WASTED by BLACK FLAG I did during my year at VFS.
Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Merged Illustration styles in a 3 set posters representing society´s values.
Digital Art, Fine Arts, Illustration
The Black Dynasty
Personal Branding concept from 2014.
Branding, Illustration, Typography
Granville Island Winter
Special Winter edition packaging illustrations for Granville Island brewery
Digital Art, Illustration, Print Design
Swissvoice L7
Project for Swissvoice L7. The illustration was meant to be a giveaway postcard.
Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging
The Imaginary Adventures of a Lazy Red Panda
The Imaginary Adventures of a Lazy Red Panda is an experimental illustration a project mainly focused to help me grow as an illustrator
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Poster design, Illustration and design
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration
Impale The world
"Impale the world" is a set of 11 tracks produced by Diablo Montenegro for Infierno 7. This set includes original compositions outputs between 2010 and 2012
Digital Art, Illustration, Typography
Illustration playing around with channel displacements
Graphic Design, Illustration
Spiritual Toro
Concept for the cover page for PICNIC magazine
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Space Boy
Illustration for the online Magazine Mixup.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Lady Montenegro
Illustration and homage to Sasha Montenegro, an iconic actress from the 70's Mexican Cinema.
Illustration, Typography
Replica vol.2
Digital Illustration for the Mexican based death metal band; Replica. Afilando el machete was their first and only album after they mysteriously disappear.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Diablo Montenegro
Illustration for Diablo Montenegro's Hip Hop Project.
Illustration, Music, Typography
Illustration for a football team based in the state of Mexico. The brochure was intended to represent the blood sweat from hard working kids preparing and training for years just to play a match that would define their careers playing agains more fortunate ones with more resources.
Illustration, Print
Illustration based on a manifesto written before the mexican presidential elections in 2013
Cartooning, Illustration, Typography
Poster Illustration
Graphic Design, Illustration
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