We teamed up with our friends at Webtoon to help them create a series of animated promos that combined their branding with some of their most popular comics.
The outcome is a dynamic and colourful motion graphics visual feast that brings their stories and characters to the fore.
Project created at Golden Wolf
Executive Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Producer: Gwynne Evans Reid
Production Assistant: Danielle Bordelon
Creative Director: Cesar St. Martin
Boards: Cesar St. Martin
Animatic: Karl Fekete
Design: Karl Fekete, Adolfo Correa, Paolo Garcia, Patch Keys, Evgeny Goryachkin, Joneale Emmanuel
Animation: Nol Honig, Paolo Garcia, Arm Sattavorn, Ned Piyadarakorn

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