PURO MACHIN was a exhibition organized by PICNIC Magazine´s branch ILUSTRACIONAL. The project was intended to showcase 30 of the most remarkable contemporary illustrators / designers / street artists from Mexico. I was honored by PICNIC staff to be part of this carefully selected group of artist and to create a unique piece  specifically for this event. To be honest I was overwhelmed to be among such talented people, all of them are top level artists and just being part of this group make me realize that I have to keep improving and work on my skills.
I'm very happy with the final result and the overall look of my piece BUT it bothers me the fact I didn't explore enough with the format size they provided to us. I think there is a lot of negative space which is good in the digital version but it's lack of presence in the print one. I learned that adjusting or adapting your work into different formats it's crucial to maintain the message of your work the way you want to.
I couldn´t be there but these guys are bomb, so much talent here. Thanks to Oscar and Kenia. Photo by Enid Balam
I originally worked  this full colour and I think that´s was the reason it lost some detail when adapting to 2 flat inks. I like both though.

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