"Hombre tecnológico" is a set of illustrations I´ve made for Accent Magazine, a publication from an important Mexican airline.
The articles are basically about upcoming technology, gadgets and futuristic gear that you can actually acquire now. I´ve decided to give a retrofuturistic  mood to the series in order to add some irony to them.
The Aero-X hoverbike is a flight craft created by Aerofex, an aerospace engineering corporation based in Los Angeles, designed to carry up to two people. The vehicle is set for release in 2017.
The Nymi band is a wristband that enables persistent identity for the wearer. The Nymi uses a wearer's unique elctrocardiogram (ECG) as a biometric identifier, much like a fingerprint.
Project Morpheus is the codename for an upcoming virtual reality headset produced by Sony Computer Entertainment.[1] It is designed to be fully functional with the Sony PlayStation 4 and work with the PlayStation Vita. It is currently a prototype and will be released sometime after 2014.
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