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Khanvict, is a Pakistani-Canadian DJ and producer based in British Columbia. Having arrived as an immigrant in 2001, Khanvict explores his roots through his music. His style blends elements of classic Bollywood, Sufi and Panjabi music with Bass, Moombahton and Trap.
Role: Art director / Illustrator / Designer
Call to Action
 Conference 2018

This year we created a strong theme around the “Marketing Revolution,” as the marketing landscape is on the cusp of a massive transformation. We were heavily inspired by the Russian Avant-Garde and its use of hands as a symbol to represent empowerment, unity, and action—some of the values which inspire and guide the intention behind both Unbounce and CTA18 .content
Role: Creative & Art director / Illustrator / Designer

Destroy Yourself

The #1 reason Unbounce customers haven't used our latest features in our app is that they didn’t even know they existed. We launched a multi-channel campaign with the goal of increasing our feature's awareness to 90% among customers after two months of launch.​​​​​​​
Role: Art director / Motion designer

The is the 1st pitch I did for the multination network BroadbandTV (BBTV). Even though this pitch​ never saw the light, it was the foundation of the company's latest re brand. 
Role: Art director / Designer / Motion designer

Original pitch for Unbounce's latest rebrand
Role: Art director / Designer / Motion designer
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