Alexandra Acimovic Popovic better known as Sasha Montenegro, was one of the most important actresses from the “Ficheras” Mexican cinema between the 70s and 80s.

From my point of view, Sasha was not your typical pretty face actress with a dumb motto, she was a fearless woman with a strength that would captivate any men back in the day, she was an icon of Mexican popular culture, fashion trendsetter, a politician by nature and a controversial public figure but most importantly a symbol of femininity and true beauty. 

Although she has Italian and Yugoslav heritage, it is fair to say that Sasha forged her artistic career in Mexico and was also the country that gave her a life annuity pension because of her marriage with a former President José Lopéz Portillo. I think we are entitled to say that it is an entirely national beauty.

This is an very old tribute to her and to the way her iconic face became a national heritage.
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