Asad Khan, professionally known as Khanvict, is a Pakistani-Canadian DJ and producer based in British Columbia. Having arrived as an immigrant in 2001, Khanvict explores his roots through his music. His style blends elements of classic Bollywood, Sufi and Panjabi music with Bass, Moombahton and Trap.

With this re brand project, we had the opportunity to take what Khanvict's competitors are doing well and put our own spin on it, as well as look at what they are doing poorly and do it better. The mainstream industry is over saturated with formulaic music styles and shifting trends that often times get washed out over short periods of time. We believe that Khanvict's music has an incredible opportunity to become a tangent off the mainstream industry as it promotes unity, inclusion and love in a very natural way. We wanted to create something away from the classic pakistani visual standards and steer into something more radical, wimsical and colorful. 

We aimed to combine traditional mythic & fantastical Pakistani elements to help tie in some ethnic influence on Khanvict's music. We wanted to reflect Asad’s ‘fairytale’ story of an immigrant kid coming to a new country and breaking into the mainstream music landscape.
The goal was to create a really strong visual platform that can tell Asad’s story in a subtle, but strong cinematic way and one that can tie into Snakes x Ladder’s theme (Upcoming project) of destiny and desire.

Field Research & Strategy: Jenny Bourne
Art Direction & Design: Cesar St. Martin
Photography: Dekko Photography​​​​​​​
Thanks to Asad's Kahn and the team at Snakes x Ladders for their trust and support
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