On Friday, June 24th, in the territory of a creative cluster Loft Studio # 12 Moscow hosted the closing party of Russia's largest on-site conference in the field of digital-marketing IZMENI SOZNANIE 2016.
Eleventh Conference took place from 29 May to 1 June. Around 350 digital-marketing specialists: representatives of agencies, sites and advertisers predict which advertising trends will be relevant in the future.
I Worked this piece in collaboration with Deluxe Interactive in Moscow Russia. Those guys amazingly friendly and super clear on what they wanted but also open with the style I wanted to use for this piece. The deadline was tight but I had lots of fun working on this project. For this piece I used a lot of   Space Age art references from the 50's
2 Different Color corrections and subtle changes on each piece
This is an alternative version I showed up but didn't make it. I usually lean for more minimal environments and clean layouts... probably because I'm not good at them :)
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