From the creators of Paradise PD (Waco O’Guin, Roger Black and Bento Box Entertainment) comes Netflix’s latest and most outrageous animated comedy series, Farzar, with out-of-this-world opening titles by yours truly!
Featuring crude adult humour rivalling that of Family Guy and South Park, the series follows a degenerate cast of characters in their fight to control planet Farzar.
The series is out now on Netflix!

Project was done at Golden Wolf.
Design and tests


Series created by Roger Black and @wacooguin and produced by @bentoboxent

Title sequence directed and produced by Golden Wolf:

Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producers: Dotti Sinnott, Tan Jones
Creative Director: Ewen Stenhouse
Art Director: Cesar St. Martin
Associate Animation Director: Gaia Lamiot
Producer: Hanna Zakouri, Rebekah Hamilton
Production Assistants: Danielle Bordelon, Eden Brill
Design: Johnny Cardoso, Julien Becquer, Dennis Wardzala
Animation: Stephanie Mercier, Hozen Britto, Frankie Swan, Charles Badiller, Thomas Eide, Michelle Ku, Walid Abou El Joud
Additional Animation: Rory Byrne, Simon Testro
FX Animation: Kensei Thomas, Carlos Araya
Compositing: Ian Pinder, Laurence Parsons, Murilo Almeida, Stefan Ahmad

Additional Clean Up: AMIX

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