Concepts and art direction for Crown Royal Apple. Done at Golden Wolf for Anomaly NYC
Agency: Anomaly, New York
Featured Artists: Stefan Falconer, Momo Pixel, Trap Bob
Directed and produced by: Golden Wolf
Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Creative Director: Stefan Falconer
Executive Producers: Dotti Sinnott (New York), Tan Jones (London)
Producer: Rebekah Hamilton
Production Assistants - Sophie Omer-McWalter, Eden Brill, Danielle Bordelon
Design: Karl Fekete, Jonas Devacht, Diego Rodriguez
Boards Assistant - Joneale Emmanuel
3D Design/Animation: Dan Mountford
3D Design/Animation: Analog
2D Animation: Thomas Eide
Compositing & Animation: Ian Pinder, Karl Fekete, Shaun Leong-Williams, Craig Maxwell
Compositor Assistant - Lisa Mandelli
Additional Support-
Producer: Gwynne Evans Reid
Junior Producer: Ana Hoxha
Art Directors: Dan Burgess, Cesar St. Martin
Sound Design & Mix: Wevie
Musical Track: Lying Too (feat. Tkay Maidza) by Holychild

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