Americo Garcia & Jorge Medina make up the rising Los Angeles duo known as Boombox Cartel. Following the project’s official inauguration in 2012, the pair of producers have bounced between electro, dubstep, trap, and hip hop, taking pieces from each genre away with them and reassembling their influences in the studio for a growingly forward-thinking sound. Boombox have built a name for themselves as a 'must watch", highly talented, up-and-coming duo. Having an incredibly diverse musical background, Boombox Cartel combines their love and knowledge of music with an innovative and unique sound. I had the opportunity to re imagine their identity as a brand and allow them to express their own self the same way they do with their music. ​​​​​​​
All the amazing photos were taken by Siam2nite, you can check their work here, it's pretty cool!
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